Dictionaries -Словари

a bit of alright, a for effort, a good deal, a great deal, a hair's breadth, a long way off, a while, a while ago, abacus, abandon, abandonment, abate, abattoir, abbess, abbot, abbreviate, abbreviation, abdomen, abhor, abhorrence, able, able to, abnormal, abnormality, abode, abolish, abolition, abominable, abominate, abortion, abound in, abounding in fish, about, about-turn, above, above all, above-mentioned, abrade, abrasion, abreast, abridge, abridgement, abroad, abrupt, abruptly, abscess, absence, absent, absent-minded, absent-mindedness, absentee, absolute, absolutely, absoluteness, absolution, absolutism, absorb, absorbent, absorption, abstinence, abstract, absurd, absurdity, abundance, abundant, abuse, abusive, abutment, abyss, ac-dc, acacia, academic, academic year, academician, academy, accelerate, acceleration, accelerator pedal, accent, accentuate, accept, acceptability, acceptable, acceptance, acceptor, access, access cover, access to, accessible, accessories, accessory, accessory part, accident, accidental, accidentally, acclaim, acclamation, accomodate, accomodate oneself, accomodating, accomodation, accompaniment, accompanist, accompany, accomplish, accomplishment, according to, accordingly, accordion, account, account for, account of, accountable, accountable to, accountancy, accountant, accounting, accumulate, accumulation, accumulator, accuracy, accurate, accurately, accusative, accuse, accused, accuser, accustom, ace, acetic acid, acetylene, ache, achieve, achievement, acid, ackers, acknowledge, acknowledgment, acme, acorn, acoustics, acquaint, acquaintance, acquirable, acquire, acquiring, acquisition, acquit, acre, acrid, acridity, across, acryl, acrylic paint, act, act of charity, act rashly, act the clown, act the fool, action, action for debt, activate, active, actively, activity, actor, actual, actuality, actually, actuate, actuator, acumen, acute, adapt, adapt oneself, adaptability, adaptable, adaptation, adaptive, adc flag, add, add to, added, adder, addicted to, addition, additional charge, additive, address, addressee, adenoid, adequacy, adequate, adhere, adherence, adhesion, adhesive, adhesive tape, adjacent, adjective


babble, babbler, babbling, baboon, baby, baby-sitter, baby-talk, bachelor, bacillus, back, back and forth, back door, back hander, back of a knife, back out of, back pedal, back putty, back rest, back scratching, back seat, back the oars, back up, back water, back yard, back-combing, back-stroke, backbite, backbone, backed, backgound voltage, background, background suppression, backlash, backlog, backroom boys, backward, backwards, backwoods, backyard, bacon, bacteria, bacteria scare, bad, bad luck, bad memory, bad news, bad reputation, bad temper, bad trip, bad year, badge of rank, badger, badly, badminton, badness, baffle, baffle board, baffled, baffling, bag, bag of tricks, bagpipe, bail, bailiff, bait, bake, baked dish, bakelite, baker, baker's shop, bakery, baking oven, baking powder, baking tin, balance, balance sheet, balance-sheet, balcony, bald, bald-headed, baldness, baler, baliff, balk, ball, ball-bearing, ballad, ballast, ballbearing, ballet, ballistic, balloon, ballot box, ballot paper, ballot-paper, ballpoint pen, ballroom, balls up, balsam, Baltic, baltic country, baltic herring, balustrade, bamboo, ban, banal, banana, band, band saw, band-leader, bandage, bandaging, bandit, bang, bang on, banishment, banister, bank, bank of a river, bank up, bank-note, banker, banking, bankrupt, bankruptcy, banner, banquet, bantam weight, banter, bantering, baptism, baptist, bar, barb, barbarian, barbaric, barbecue, barbed, barbed wire, barber, bare, barefoot, barefooted, bareness, bargain, barge, baritone, bark, bark at, barking, barley, barn, barometer, baron, barrack, barracks, barrage, barrel, barrel-organ, barren, barren soil, barricade, barrier, base, baseless, basement, baseplate, bashful, bashfulness, basic, basic salary, basin, basis, basis of estimation, bask, basket, basket-ball, basoon, bastard, bastard *, baste, bat, bat ones gums, batching, bath, bath attendant, bath towel, bath tub, bath-robe, bathe, bathe with hot water, bathhouse stove, bathing, bathing beach, bathing costume, bathing hut, bathrobe, bathroom, baton, batsman


cab, cabaret, cabbage, cabbage head, cabin, cabinet, cabinet maker, cable, cable clamp, cable railway, cable tie, cache, cackle, cactus, cadet, cadge, cadre, cafe, cafeteria, caftan, cage, caisson, cajole, cake, cake doily, cake hole, cake of soap, cake slice, cake tongs, calculate, calculating, calculating machine, calculation, calculus, calendar, calf, calfskin, calibration, calibre, calk, call, call for, call house, call it quits, call names, call off, call out, call someone names, call together, call-box, call-sign, caller, calling, calling for tenders, callus, calm, calm down, calm oneself, calmly, calmness, calorie, cam, camber, camber weld, cambric, camel, camel hair, cameo, camera-man, camouflage, camp, camp fire, campaign, camphor, camping, can, can do, canal, canary, cancel, cancellation, cancer, candelabra, candid camera, candidate, candidate for an election, candidate for parliament, candle, candle wick, candlelight, candlestick, candour, candy, cane, cane sugar, canned meat, cannibal, cannon, canoe, canoeing, canopy, canteen, cantilever, canvas, cap, cap plate, capability, capable, capable of, capable of delivering, capacitor, capacity, cape, capers, capillary, capital, capital crime, capital letter, capital punishment, capitalism, capitalist, capsize, capstan, capsule, captain, caption, captivate, capture, car, car body, car crash, carat, caravan, caraway, carbide, carbohydrate, carbolic acid, carbon, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, carbon paper, carbonic acid, carbonize, carburettor, carcass, card, card cage, card-game, card-index, card-trick, cardboard, cardboard box, cardigan, cardinal, cardinal number, care, care about, care for, care of children, care to, care-free, career, careerist, carefree, careful, carefully, carefulness, careless, careless fellow, carelessness, caress, caretaker, cargo, cargo ship, caricature, carnage, carnal, carnation, carnival, carnivore, carp, carpel, carpenter, carpet, carport, carriage, carrier, carrot, carry, carry on, carry out, carry the can, carrying capacity, cart, cartel, cartilage, carton, cartridge, cartridge paper, carve


dabble, dachshund, dad, daddy, daffodil, dagger, dahlia, daily, daily routine, daily work, daintiness, dainty, dairy, dairy industry, dairy-stock, dairymaid, daisy, dam, damage, damages, damn *, damn all, damp, dampen, damper, damping, dampness, dance, dandelion, dandruff, dandy, dangerous, dangerous driver, dangle, dare, daredevil, daring, daring attempt, dark, dark copy, dark dusting, darken, darkness, darling, darn, darn it, darts, dash, dashboard, dashing, dashspot, data processing, date, date of birth, date of delivery, date of issue, date of maturity, date of publication, dated, dating from that time, daub, dauber, daughter, dawdle, dawdling, dawn, day, day after tomorrow, day by day, day care, day nursery, day off, day-dreamer, day-dreaming, day-tripper, daydream, daylight, daylight robbery, days of grace, daze, dazzle, dazzling, deacon, deactivate, deactivated, deactuate, dead, dead against, dead as mutton, dead beat, dead calm, dead centre, dead cycle, dead drunk, dead easy, dead from the neck up, dead loss, dead on time, dead pull, dead silence, dead stop, dead tired, dead to rights, dead to the world, dead weight, deaden, deadly, deadly peril, deadly sin, deaf, deaf and dumb, deafened, deal, deal with, dealer, dealing out, dean, dear, dear john, dearly, death, death-rate, death-sentence, deathly pale, debate, debate on, debauchery, debit, debris, debt, debt of honour, debtor, debut, debutante, decade, decagon, decanter, decathlon, decay, decayed, decayed state, deceased, deceit, deceitful, deceitfulness, deceive, December, decent, deception, deceptive, decide, decigramme, decilitre, decimal, decimal point, decimal system, decimetre, decision, decisive, deck, declaration, declare, decline, decline a request, declining, decompose, decomposition, decorate, decoration, decorative, decorator, decoy, decrease, decrease of value, decree, decurler, decurler rolls, dedicate, dedicate to, dedicated, dedication, deduce, deduct, deduction, deed, deed of purchase, deenergize, deep, deep dish, deeply, deer, deer-stalking, defamatory, defame, defeat, defecation, defect, defective, defective goods, defenceless


each one, each time, eager, eagerly, eagerness, eagerness to learn, eagle, eagle-owl, eaglet, ear, ear lobe, ear specialist, ear-drum, ear-splitting, ear-wax, earl, earlier, earliest, earliness, early, early part of summer, earn, earned income, earnest, earnestly, earnings, earth, earth over, earth tremor, earthed, earthing, earthly, earthquake, earthworm, ease, ease up, easily, easily affected, easily moved to tears, easily rocked, easiness, east coast, east side, Easter, easterly wind, eastern, eastern frontier, eastern part, easternmost, easy, easy chair, easy life, easy make, eat, eat into, eat ravenously, eat well, eatable, eaves, eavesdropper, ebb, ebonite, ebony, eccentric, eccentrical, ecclesiastical, echo, echo-sounding, eclipse, eclipse of the moon, eclipse of the sun, ecological, ecology, economic, economic policy, economical, economics, economist, economize, economy, ecstasy, eczema, edge, edge banding, edge fadeout lamp, edge shutter, edged, edging strip, edible, edible root, edible roots, editing, edition, editor, educate, education, educational film, educationalist, eec, eel, eerie, effect, effective, effectively, effectiveness, efficiency, efficient, efficiently, effluent, effort, effrontery, egg, egg cell, egg on, eggshell, egocentric, egoism, egoistic, eider, eiderdown, eight, eighteen, eightfold, eighth, eighty, eject motor, eject roll, ejector-seat, elaborate, elapse, elastic, elasticity, elbow, elbow-room, elect, election, election campaign, election time, elector, electoral district, electric cooker, electric fan, electric hammer, electric heating, electric shock, electric train, electric wire, electrical appliance, electrical engineer, electrician, electricity, electrode, electrolysis, electron, electronics, electrostatic series, elegance, elegant, elegantly, element, elementary, elementary course, elementary particle, elementary school, elements, elephant, elevate, elevated, elevated railway, elevation, elevator, eleven, eleventh, elf, eligible, eliminate, elimination course, elite, elixir of life, elk, elm, elocution, elocutionist, elongated, elope, elsewhere, emancipation, embankment, embarass, embarrassed, embarrassment, embassy, ember, embers, embezzlement, embitter, emblem, embrace, embroider, embroidery


fable, fabricate, fabrication water, facade, face, face cream, face massage, face powder, face tissue, face tissues, face to face, face-down, face-up, facilitate, facilities, facing brickwork, facing each other, fact, factory, factory inspector, factory work, faculty of thought, fade, fade away, fade-out, faded, faggot, fail, failing, failure, failure of crops, faint, faint-hearted, faintly, faintness, fair dos, fair enough, fair sized, fairly, fairly big, fairly good, fairly large, fairness, fairy, fairy-tale, fairyland, faith, faithful, faithfully, faithfulness, fake, fakir, falcon, fall, fall about, fall apart, fall asleep, fall away, fall back, fall behind, fall down, fall due, fall flat, fall for, fall ill, fall in, fall in love, fall in with, fall inert, fall into decay, fall off, fall over, fall short, fall short of, fall silent, fall to pieces, fallacious, fallen, fallible, falling, falling off, fallow, fallow dear, falls, false, false alarm, false beard, false lashes, false name, false start, false step, false tooth, falsehood, falseness, falsification, falsify, falter, faltering, famed, familiar, familiarity, familiarize, family, family circle, family doctor, family name, family quarrel, family tomb, famine, famous, fan, fanatic, fanatical, fancied, fancies, fanciful, fancy, fancy goods, fancy needle-work, fanfare, fang, fanlight, fanny *, fanny adams, fantastic, fantasy, far, far away, far east, far off, far-away, far-famed, far-reaching, farce, fare, farewell, farm, farm hand, farm labourer, farm-house, farmer, farmhouse, farming, farther away, farther down, farther east, farther off, farther on, farther up, farthest, farthest away, farthest down, fascia beam, fascinate, fascinating, fascination, fascist, fashion, fashionable, fast, fast man, fast-flowing, fasten, fasten on to, fastener, fastening, fastidious, fat cheque, fat of pork, fatal, fatal illness, fatalist, fatalistic, fatally, fate, fateful, father, Father Christmas, Father Superior, father-in-law, fatherhood, fatherless, fatherly, fatigue, fatigued, fatness, fattened calf, faucet, fault, faultiness, faultless, faulty, faux pas, favour, favourable, favourably, favourite, favourite child, favourite dish, fawn upon


gable, gadfly, gadget, gaff, gag, gaiety, gain, gain weight, gainful employment, gait, gaiter, gaiters, gala dinner, gala performance, gale, gall, gallant, gallantry, gallbladder, gallery, galley, gallop, gallows, gallows-bird, gallstone, gallup poll, galosh, galvanic, galvanize, galvanized iron, gamble, gambler, gambling, gambling debt, game, game of chess, games, gaming club, gang, gangling, gangnail, gangrene, gangway, gap, gape, garage, garbage, garden, garden suburb, garden warbler, gardener, gargle, garish, garland, garlic, garrison, garter, gas chamber, gas pipe, gas-jet, gas-mask, gas-works, gasket, gasoline, gasometer, gasp, gasp for breath, gastric juice, gastric ulcer, gastronome, gate, gate-keeper, gateway, gather, gathering, gauge, gauze, gay, gay fellow, gay life, gay pranks, gaze, gaze at, gazelle, gear, gear lever, gearbox, gearing, gelatine, gelding, gem, gene, general, general anesthesia, general assembly, general election, general index, general knowledge, general manager, general strike, generalize, generally, generate, generation, generator, generosity, generous, genitive, genius, genocide, gentle, gentleman, gentleness, gentlewoman, gently, gently sloping, gents, genuine, geographical, geography, geologic, geologist, geology, geometric, geometry, geranium, german measles, germinate, germination, germinative capacity, gesticulate, gesticulation, gesture, get, get about, get ahead, get along, get angry, get anxious, get anywhere, get around, get at, get away, get away with, get back, get better, get by, get confused, get cool, get cracking, get crumpled, get damp, get dirty, get down, get drunk, get engaged, get enthusiastic about, get excited, get filled with, get flurried, get inflamed, get into, get into debt, get into order, get intoxicated, get it, get loose, get lost, get married, get moist, get nervous, get off, get off my back, get on, get one's monkey up, get ones cards, get out, get out of, get out of breath, get over, get ready, get ready for, get rich, get rough, get scorched, get sick of, get smudged, get soaked, get soiled, get squeezed, get stiff, get stuck, get sunburnt, get tanned, get there, get thicker, get thinned, get thinner, get through, get tired


haberdashery, habit, habitable, habitual drunkard, hackle, hacksaw, haddock, haggle, hail, hailstone, hailstorm, hair dye, hair lotion, hair of the dog, hair slide, hair spray, hair stylist, hair tonic, hair-cut, hair-dresser, hair-ribbon, hair-splitting, hairdo, hairdresser, hairdresser's, hairiness, hairless, hairstyle, hairy, half, half done, half finished, half rate carriage, half rate mirror, half round gutter, half wave rectifier, half-breed, half-brother, half-hearted, half-way, halibut, hall, hallucination, halo, halo guide, halt, halter, halve, ham, hammer, hammer-throw, hammers, hammock, hamper, hand, hand in, hand in hand, hand over, hand shake, hand-bag, hand-rail, hand-rolled cigarette, hand-writing, handbag, handcrank, handcuffs, handicap, handicraft, handicrafts industries, handiness, handle, handle roughly, handling, handover, handrail, handsaw, handshake, handsome, handsomeness, handwork, handy, hang, hang around, hang back, hang it, hang loose, hang on, hang oneself, hang out, hang up, hanger, hanging moss, hangover, hankerchief, haphazard, hapless, happen, happily, happiness, happy, happy go lucky, happy landings, happy-go-lucky, harass, harbour, hard, hard boiled egg, hard cheese, hard drinker, hard drinking, hard nosed, hard of hearing, hard pushed, hard-faced, hard-working, hardboard, hardcore, harden, harder, hardly, hardness, hardship, hardware, hardware store, hardwood, hare, harem, harlot, harm, harmful, harmfulness, harmless, harmonium, harmony, harness, harp, harp on about, harpoon, harpsichord, harrass, harrow, harsh, harsh speaking, harshness, hart, harvest, harvest festival, harvester, harvesting, hashis, hasp, hasten, hastily, hastiness, hasty, hat, hatch, hatched, hatchet, hate, hatred, hatter, haughty, haul, haulage, hauling, haunch, haunt, have, have a craving for, have a crush on, have a fall, have a loathing for, have a look, have a preventive, have a rest, have a shave, have admiration for, have built, have confidence in, have consideration for, have engraved, have ground, have inscribed, have it in for, have knowledge of, have made, have mercy, have no success, have patience, have repaired, have room, have scruples about, have someone on, have supper, have the face to, have the heart to, have the impudence to, have the strength to, have time


ice, ice age, ice conditions, ice field, ice fishing, ice floe, ice obstruction, ice pack, ice skate, ice-breaker, ice-cream, ice-cream cone, ice-hockey, iceberg, iced drink, icicle, icing, icing sugar, icon, icy, ide, idea, ideal, idealism, idealist, idealistic, idealize, identical, identification, identify, identity, identity card, ideological, ideology, idiom, idiomatic expression, idiot, idiotic, idle, idle motion, idle talk, idleness, idler, idler roll, idling, idolize, idyllic, if, if not, if only, iforetelling, ignition, ignominious, ignorant, ill, ill will, ill-disposed, ill-effect, ill-fated, ill-health, ill-mannered, ill-tempered, ill-treatment, illegal, illegality, illegitimate, illicit, illogical, illuminate, illuminated sign, illumination, illusion, illustrate, illustrated, illustrated work, illustration, illustrious, image, imagery, imaginary, imagination, imaginative, imagine, imitate, imitation, imitation leather, imitation pearl, imitator, immaterial, immateriality, immature, immaturity, immeasurable, immediate, immediately, immense, immerse, immersion, immigrant, immigration, imminent, immobile, immobility, immodest, immodesty, immoral, immorality, immortal, immortality, immortalize, immovable, immovably, immune, immunity, impact, impair, impartial, impassable, impatience, impatient, impede, impediment, impending, imperative, imperceptible, imperfect, imperfection, imperial, impersonate, impertinence, impertinent, impetuous, impetus, imply, impolite, import, importance, important, importation, impose a fine, imposed load, imposing, impossibility, impossible, impotence, impoverish, impregnate, impregnated, impregnated felt, impress upon, impression, impressive, imprint, imprint on, imprisonment, improbable, improper, improper fraction, improve, improvement, improvise, impudence, impudent, impulse, impure, impurity, in a dignified manner, in a faint, in a fashion, in a friendly manner, in a hurry, in a lively way, in a lower voice, in a manner, in a manner of speaking, in a mess, in a minute, in a motherly way, in a sitting position, in a state of excitement, in a way, in abundance, in accordance with, in advance, in all, in all probability, in another direction, in any case, in bad taste, in bed, in brief, in care, in case, in common, in consequence of, in contrast to, in debt, in detail, in diameter, in disguise


jabber, jack, jackal, jackdaw, jacket, jade, jail, jam, Jamaica pepper, jamb, jangle, janitor, January, jar, jargon, jasmine, jaundice, jaunty, javelin, jaw, jawbone, jaws, jay, jealous, jealousy, jeans, jeep, jeer, jeer at, jelly, jelly sweets, jelly-fish, jemmy, jeopardy, jerk, jersey, jest, jester, jesting, jet, jet plane, jetty, Jew, jew, jewel, jeweller, jewellery case, jewellry, jewish, jhot, jib, jib crane, jingle, job, job recovery, jocular, jog, join, join in marriage, joiner, joint, joint venture, joints, joke, joker, joking, jolliness, jolly, jolly good, jolly nice, jostle, journal, journalism, journalist, journey, journey abroad, jovial, joy flight, joy of living, joyful, joyless, judge, judgement, judicial, judiciousness, jug, jugular gland, juice extractor, juiciness, juicy, July, jumble, jump, jump all over, jump off the deep end, jump the queue, jumped up, jumper, jumper wire, junction, June, jungle, juniper, junk, junkie, juridical, jurist, juror, jury, juryman, just, just a little, just now, just right, just the same, Justice, justice, justifiable, justification, justify, jute, juvenile, juvenile lead


kangaroo, keel, keen, keen on, keeness, keenness, keep, keep a lookout, keep apart, keep asking, keep back, keep body and soul together, keep company with, keep house, keep in hiding, keep on, keep ones eyes peeled, keep oneself to oneself, keep secret, keep up, keep-fit school, keeper, keeping up with the Joneses, keepsake, kennel, kept after school, kerb, kestrel, kettledrum, key, key counter, keyboard, keyhole, kick, kick over the traces, kick-off, kicking plate, kid, kid gloves, kidding, kidnap, kidney, kidney-stone, kill, killing, kilogramme, kilometre, kilowatt, kind, kind-hearted, kindergarten, kindle, kindling, kindly, kindly disposed, kindness, kindred spirit, king, king of hearts, kingdom, kingship, kink, kiosk, kipper, kiss, kisser, kissing, kit, kitchen, kitchen garden, kitchen utensils, kite, kitten, knapsack, knave, knavery, knead, knee, knee-cap, knee-joint, kneel down, knick-knacks, knife, knife-edge load, knight, knit, knitting, knitwear, knob, knock, knock down, knock for six, knock it off, knock out, knock someones block off, knock spots off, knock together, knock-out, knockers, knocking, knocking shop, knoll, knot, knotty, know, know-how, knowingly, knowledge, knowledge of languages, known, known to, knuckle, knurled


label, laberynth, labial sound, laboratory, laborious, labour, labour movement, labour pain, labour pains, labour party, labourer, lace up, laceration, lack, lack of care, lack of confidence, lack of consideration, lack of courage, lack of judgement, lack of organization, lack of restraint, lack of talent, lack of taste, lack of time, lackey, lacking in ideas, lacquer, lactic acid, lad, ladder, ladies' room, ladle, lady, Lady Day, Lady day, lady in waiting, lady luck, lady of the house, lady's maid, lady-in-waiting, lady-killer, lady-partner, ladybird, lag, lager, lagoon, lair, lake, lamb, lame, lamentation, lamina, laminated timber, lamp, lamp-post, lamp-shade, lamplight, lampoon, lance, lance corporal, land, landing, landing gear, landing stage, landing-net, landing-stage, landlady, landlord, landmark, landowner, landscape, landscape architect, landslide, lane, language, language rom, languid, languish, lanky, lantern, lap, lapel, laplander, laplander's hut, lapwing, larch, larder, large, large intestine, large-checked, large-sized, largeness, largest, lark, larking, larva, larynx, lascivious, lash, lasso, last, lasting, lastly, latch, latch-key child, late, late summer, lately, latent, later, later in the evening, later on, latex, lath, lathe, lathe lines, lather, latter, latter part, lattice girder, laugh, laughing gas, launch, launching pad, laundry, laurel, laurel wreath, lavatory, lavender, law, law of nature, law-abiding, lawbreaker, lawful, lawfulness, lawn, lawn-mower, lawsuit, lawyer, lay, lay eggs, lay off, lay preacher, lay stress on, lay the table, lay waste, layabout, layer, layman, layout, laziness, lazy, lead, lead a loose life, lead a wild life, lead astray, lead by the hand, lead edge, lead edge mark, lead edge washout, lead to, leader, leadership, leading, leading article, leading lady, leading role, leaf, leafless, leaflet, leafy, league, leak, leakage, lean, lean concrete, lean-to, leaning, leanness, leap, leap year, leap year day, learn, learn manners, learned, learner, lease, leave, leave in charge, leave of absence, leave off, leave to, leaving certificate, leaving no trace, leavings, lecture, lecturer, ledge, ledger, leech


macaroni, machine, machine clock, machinery, mackerel, mackintosh, mad, mad about, mad on, madcap, made of glass, madly, madness, maelstrom, magazine, maggot, magic flute, magic wand, magician, magnet, magnetic, magnetic catch, magnetism, magneto, magnification, magnificence, magnificent, magnify, magnitude, magpie, maid of honour, maiden, maiden name, mail order, maim, main, main building, main circuit breaker, main drive belt, main drive motor, main entrance, main feature, main part, main point, main principal, main principle, main purpose, main reason, main road, main street, main subject, main thing, mainland, mainsail, mainspring, maintain, maintenance, maintenance money, maintenance of, maize, major, majority, make, make a beeline for, make a blunder, make a clatter, make a fortune, make a mess of, make a mistake, make a noise, make a rattle, make a sarcastic remark, make a show, make a yawn, make acquainted with, make amends for, make an attack, make an effort, make angry, make anxious, make ashamed, make believe, make blunt, make breathless, make bright, make clear, make clearer, make comparisons, make cool, make crooked, make cry, make deeper, make dizzy, make drink, make drunk, make dull, make easier, make even, make experiments, make faces at, make familiar with, make fat, make firmer, make flutter, make fun of, make furious, make good, make harder, make haste, make heavier, make hot, make inquires after, make interested, make jam, make known, make laugh, make level, make lighter, make lively, make loose, make love, make love to, make merry, make more efficient, make much of, make numb, make off, make one's appearance, make oneself scarce, make progress, make public, make run, make sign to, make slender, make smaller, make smile, make someone sit up, make sprout, make steeper, make stiff, make thicker, make thinner, make time with, make uneasy, make up, make up for, make use of, make whole, make worse, make younger, make-believe, make-up, maker, makeshift, malady, male, malevolent, malformed, malfunction, malice, malicious, maliciously, malignant, mallard, malleable iron, mallet, mallow, malt, maltreat, mammal, mammoth, man, man-made fibre, manage, manage the household, managed to escape, management, manager, manageress, managerial position, managing director, mandarin, mandatory, mandolin, mane, manganese, mangle, manhole, manhood, mania, manicure, manifest, manifestation, manifesto, manipulate, mankind, manliness, manly, mannequin, manner


nag, nail, nail cleaner, nail file, nail polish, naive, naked, nakedness, name, nameday, nameless, namely, namesake, nannygoat, nap, nape, nape of the neck, narcissus, narcotic, narrate, narration, narrative, narrow, narrow gauge, narrow pass, narrow-minded, narrow-mindedness, narrowly, narrowness, nasal, nasal voice quality, nasturtium, nasty, nation, nation-wide, national, national anthem, national board of health, national debt, national service, national spirit, nationalist, nationality, native, native city, native country, native of, natural, natural cure, natural gas, natural healing, natural history, natural phenomenon, natural product, natural rubber, natural state, natural wealth, naturalize, naturally, naturalness, naughty, nausea, nauseate, nauseating, nauseous, nauseousness, nautical mile, navel, navigate, navigation, navigator, navy, near, near by, near each other, near to, near-sighted, nearest, nearly, nearness, neat, neatly made, neatness, nebula, necessarily, necessary, necessity, neck, neck of land, necking, necklace, neckline, nectar, need, needing help, needle, needless, needlework, needy, negative, neglect, neglected, neglectful, negligence, negligent, negotiate, negotiation, negotiator, negro, neice, neigh, neighbour, neighbourhood, neither, neon sign, nephew, nerve, nervous, nervous breakdown, nervous system, nest, nesting-time, net, Netherlands, nettle, nettle-rash, network, neuralgia, never, never no more, never-ending, nevertheless, new, new moon, New Year's eve, New year's eve, new-fangled, newcomer, newly, newly-made, newness, news, news item, news-stand, newsagent, newscast, newspaper, next, next of kin, next time, next to each other, nib, nibble, nice, nice smell, nicely, niche, nick, nickel, nickel-plate, nickname, nicotine, niece, niggardly, night, night school, night-dress, nightingale, nightly, nightmare, nil, nimble, nimbleness, nine, nineteen, ninety, nip, nipple, nitrate, nitric acid, nitrogen, nitrous oxide, no doubt, no oil painting, no one, no way, nobility, noble, noble birth, noble family, noble gas, noble-minded, nobleman, nobleness, noblewoman, nobody, nobody's, nocturnal, nod, node


o-ring, oak, oar, oarlock, oarsman, oasis, oath, oatmeal, oats, obedience, obedience of the law, obedient, obesity, obey, obituary, object, objection, objective, obligation, oblige, obliged, oblique, oblique angled, obliqueness, oblivion, oblong, oblong slot, obnoxious, obscene, obscenity, obscure, obscurity, observation, observatory, observe, observer, obstacle, obstetrician, obstinacy, obstinate, obstinately, obstruct, obstruction, obstructionist, obtain, obtainable, obtrusion, obtrusive, obtuse-angle, obvious, obviously, occasion, occasional, occasionally, occlusion, occupancy, occupant, occupation, occupational, occupational accident, occupational therapy, occupy, occur, occurrence, occurring at intervals, ocean, oceanography, ochre, octagon, octagonal, octane, octave, October, octopus, odd, odd job, odd number, oddness, odds, odds and ends, odivinity, odourless, of a certain kind, of age, of all sizes, of bad reputation, of course, of course not, of current interest, of different size, of different sizes, of good reputation, of high rank, of ice, of it, of itself, of late, of lower rank, of many kinds, of no use, of no value, of noble family, of noble nature, of one's own accord, of pensionable age, of slender build, of small means, of some sort, of state, of that, of that age, of that kind, of that time, of the same kind, of the same opinion, of them, of this, of this kind, of three kinds, of two kinds, of use, of various sizes, of which, of yesterday, off colour, offal, offence, offend, offender, offer, offer for sale, offhand, office, officers, official, official business, official character, official employee, official letter, official matter, official position, official rank, offprint, offset, offset motor, offside, often, often enough, oh dear, oh no, oh yes, oil, oil paint, oil well, oil-cloth, oil-fire central heating, old, old fool, old man, old people's home, old stock, old woman, olden times, olfactory nerve, olive, omelet, omelette, omen, ominous, omlette, on a visit, on account of, on bad terms, on behalf of, on credit, on foot, on hand, on heat, on no account, on offer, on one side, on one's back, on one's feet, on one's shoulders, on purpose, on sundays, on the contrary, on the left, on the make, on the move, on the penalty bench, on the port side, on the side, on the whole, on Thursdays, on top of, on view, on week-days, on-time, on/off switch


pace, pack, pack full, pack of cards, pack of wolves, pack-ice, package, packet, packing, pad, padding, paddle, paddle wheel, paddock, padlock, pads, page, page boy, pail, pain in the neck, painful, painless, painstaking, paint, painter, painting, pair, pair of trousers, pal, palace, palace chapel, palatable, palatial, pale, pale grey, paleness, paling, pallbearer, pallete, pallid, pallor, palm, palmist, palmistry, pamper, pampering, pamphlet, pan, pancake, pancreas, pane, pane of glass, panel radiator, panic, panic stop, panning for gold, pansy, pant, panther, panti-hose, panties, panting, pantomime, pantry, paper board, paper clip, paper feed, paper money, paper tray, paper-perforator, paperhanger, paperweight, parachute, parade, paradise, paraffin, paragraph, parallel, paralyse, paralysed, paranoiac, parapet, parasite, parcel, parchment, pardonable, pardoner, parellel, parentage, parenthesis, parents, pariotic, parish, parity, park, park attendant, park keeper, park-keeper, parking, parliament, parliament building, parodoxical, parody, parquet, parrot, parry, parsley, parsnip, parson, part, part payment, part-time, partial, partial deafness, partiality, partially, participate, participation, participator, particle, particle board, particular, particularly, parting, parting farewell, partition, partly, partner, partnership, partridge, party, party concerned, party congress, pass, pass a dividend, pass away, pass by, pass for, pass judgement, pass on, pass out, pass round, pass the buck, pass through, pass up, passable, passage, passage through, passenger, passer-by, passing, passionate, passionately, passive, passport, past, past help, past one's prime, past tense, paste, paste-up, pastel, pasteurize, pastime, pastor, pastries, pastry, pastry board, pasturage, pasture, pat, pat of butter, patch, patch generator, patch of land, patent, patent leather, paternal, paternity, path, pathless, pathologist, pathology, paticipant, patient, patio, patriot, patriotism, patrol, patron, patronize, pattern, patterned, patterned glass, pause, pave, pavement, pavilion, paving, paving slab


quack doctor, quake, quaker, quaking, qualifications, qualified, qualified for, qualifier, qualify, qualifying heat, qualifying heats, qualifying match, qualitative, quality, quantity, quantity surveyor, quarantine, quarrel, quarrelsome, quarry, quarry tile, quarter, quarter deck, quartet, quartz, quay, queen, queer, quell, query, quest, question, question of vital importance, question-mark, questionnaire, queue, queue up, quick, quick pull, quick temper, quick to learn, quick witted, quick-tempered, quick-witted, quicken, quicker, quickly, quickness, quicksilver, quiet, quieten, quieten down, quietly, quietness, quill, quilt, quilting, quintet, quit, quite, quite a lot, quiver, quivering, quiz, quotation, quotation marks, quote


rabbit, rabbit hutch, rabble, rabies, raccoon, race, race hatred, race prejudice, race segregation, racial, rack, radar, radiance, radiate, radiation, radiator, radical, radically, radio, radio licence, radio transmission, radio transmitter, radioactive, radiotherapy, radish, radius, raffle, raft, raft foundation, rafter, rag, rag-and-bone man, rage, ragged, raid, rail, railing, railway, railway yard, railway yards, rain cloud, rainbow, rainbow trout, raincoat, raindrop, rainfall, rainy, raise, raise the price, raisin, raising, rake, rally, rally around, ram, rambling, ramp, ramp mark, rampart, ramshackle, ramshackle house, rancid, rancour, random, range, range of vision, ransom, rant, rap, rape, rapid, rapidly, rapids, rapids-shooter, rare, rarely, rarity, rascal, rash, rashness, raspberry, rat, rate, rate of exchange, rates of exchange, rather, rather cold, rather long, rather old, rather poor, rather small, rather young, rating, ratio, ration, ration out, rational, rationality, rationalize, rattle, rattle-snake, rattling, ravage, raven, ravine, ravings, raw, raw materials, rawness, ray, raze to the ground, razor, reach, reach a conclusion, reach it's climax, react, reaction, reader, readily, readiness, reading, reading-room, ready, ready to leave, ready wit, ready-mixed concrete, real, real estate, real silver, realistic, reality, realization, realize, really, realm, ream, reaping time, rear, rear-admiral, rear-guard, rearing, rearmost, reason, reasonable, reasonableness, rebate, rebate joint, rebate plane, rebel, rebellion, rebellious, rebound, rebuild, rebuke, recall, recede, receipt, receive, receiver, recent, recently, reception, receptionist, recess, recessed, recessed joint, recession, rechless, rechlessness, recipe, recipient, recital, recite, reciter, reckless, reckless driving, reckon, recline, recluse, recognizable, recognize, recollect, recollection, recommence, recommend, recommendation, reconciliation, recondition, reconstruction, record, record player, recording, recording tape, records, recover, recovery, recreation, recruit, recruiting-sergeant, rectangle


sabbath, sable, sabotage, sabre, saccharine, sack, sacking, sacrament, sacred, sacrifice, sad, saddle, sadness, safe, safe and sound, safe deposit box, safe-deposit box, safeguard, safely, safety, safety light, safety officer, safety regulation, safety-pin, saffron, sag, saga, said, sail, sailing, sailing-boat, sailor, saint, Saksa, sal ammoniac, salad, salad dressing, salamander, salary, sale, sale of intoxicants, sales, saliva, salmon, salmon-fly, salmon-ladder, salmon-weir, saloon, salt, salt water, salt-cellar, salted fish, salted meat, salty, salutation, salute, salvage, salvation, salvation army, salve, salvo, sample, sanatorium, sanctify, sanctuary, sand, sand drain, sand trap, sand-bank, sand-paper, sand-piper, sand-pit, sandal, sandlime, sandman, sandpaper, sandpiper, sandstone, sandwiches, sandy, sandy beach, sandy desert, sanitary, sanitary towel, Santa Claus, sap, sapling, sapper, sapphire, saprano, sarcasm, sarcastic, sarcastic remark, sardine, satan, satchel, satellite, satiety, satin, satire, satisfaction, satisfactory, satisfied, satisfy, saturate, Saturday, sauce, sauce boat, sauce-ladle, saucepan, saucer, sauna, sausage, savage, savageness, savagery, save, savings, savour, savoury, saw, saw dust, sawdust, sawmill, saxophone, say, say again and again, saying, scab, scabbard, scaffolding, scald, scale, scale model, scale off, scales, scallop, scalp, scamp, scan, scandal, scandalmonger, scantily, scanty, scar, scar formation, scarce, scarcely, scarcity, scare, scarecrow, scarf, scarf joint, scaring, scarlet, scarlet fever, scarred, scatter, scatterbrained, scattered, scattered about, scene, scenery, scent, sceptic, sceptical, schedule, schematic, scheme, schemer, scheming, schizophrenia, scholarship, scholastic, school, school for handicapped children, school for retarded children, school of economics, school of herring, school report, school year, schooling, schooner, sciatica, science, scientific, scientifically, scientist, scissors, scoff, scoff at, scoffer, scold, scoop, scoop out, scooter, scope, scorch, scorching, score


table, table manners, table napkin, table scraps, table-cloth, tablet, tableware, taboo, tabulate, taciturn, taciturnity, tack, tackle, tactful, tactfulness, tactical, tactician, tactics, tactless, tag, tail, tail end, tail-end, tailed, tailess, tailor, taint, take, take a bite, take a dislike to, take a look, take a look at, take a nap, take a rest, take a seat, take a stand, take a walk, take aim, take an interest in, take apart, take back, take breath, take care of, take cover, take flight, take good care of, take great care of, take in, take in sail, take into custody, take leave of, take lodgings, take off, take out, take pains with, take part in, take pity, take place, take possession of, take pride in, take root, take shape, take to, take to pieces, take turns, take up, take-off-board, takeaway, taken all together, takeover, talc, talcum powder, tale, talent, talented, talisman, talk, talk nonsense, talk slurred, talk thick, talk through the nose, talk to, talk with, talkative, talker, tall, tall pine, tallow, tally, tamato, tambourine, tame, tamper, tamper with, tan, tandem, tangent, tangerine, tangled, tank, tankard, tanked up, tanker, tanned, tap, tape measure, tape recorder, tape-record, tape-recording, taper, tapestry, tapeworm, tapping, tar membrane, tardily, tardy, target, target-practise, tariff, tarpaulin, tarry, tart, tartar, task, tassel, tassels, taste, tasteful, tastefulness, tasteless, tastiness, tasty, tatter, tattered, tattoo, taught, taunt, tawny owl, tax, tax bill, tax deduction, tax evasion, tax refund, tax relief, tax return, tax-free, taxable, taxation, taxi, taxi driver, taxi-rank, taxpayer, tea, tea caddy, tea-cosy, tea-pot, teach, teacher, teacher's desk, teaching, teacup, team, team-work, tear, tear to pieces, tear-duct, tearful, tears of joy, tease, teaser, teasing, teaspoon, teat, technical, technical terminology, technician, technics, technology, teddy-boy, tedious, tediousness, tedium, teenager, teeth, telegram, telegraph, telegraph wire, telepathy, telephone, telephone box, telephone call, telephone directory, telephone exchange, telephone operator, telephoto, teleprinter, telescope, television, television screen, television transmission tower


udder, ugliness, ugly, ulcer, ulterior thought, ultimate, ultimately, ultimatum, umbilical cord, umbrella, umpire, unable to, unabridged, unacceptable, unaccompanied, unaffected, unanimous, unanimously, unannounced, unanswered, unapproachable, unarmed, unashamed, unassuming, unattainable, unattractive, unavoidable, unbearable, unbeatable, unbelievable, unbias, unbroken, unbusinesslike, uncalled for, uncanny, uncared for, unceasing, unceremonious, uncertain, uncertainty, unchallenged, unchanged, uncharged, unchecked, unchivalrous, unclean, uncleaned, uncleared, uncollated set, uncomfortable, uncommitted, uncommon, uncommunicative, uncomplicated, unconcern, unconcerned, unconcernedly, unconditional, unconquered, unconscious, unconsidered, uncontrollable, unconventional, uncorrected, uncover, uncovered, uncultivated, uncut, undamaged, undefined, undeniable, undeniably, under age, under bid, under charge, under consideration, under control, under dog, under done, under each other, under go, under grown, under growth, under handed, under hung, under mine, under obligation to, under paid, under pants, under rate, under shot, under side, under size, under the influence, under vest, under wear, under world, underbid, undercoat, underdevelopment, underemployment, underestimation, underfloor heating, undergarment, undergo, undergrade, undergraduate, underground, underground cable, underline, undermine, undermost, undernourished, undernourishment, underpaid, underpants, underpass, underpriviliged, undersigned, underskirt, understand, understandable, undertaker's, underweight, underworld, undeservedly, undesirable, undetachable, undetermined, undeveloped, undimmed, undisciplined, undiscriminating, undisputed, undisturbed, undivided, undivisible, undo, undress, uneasiness, uneconomic, unemotional, unemployable, unemployed, unemployment, unequalled, unessential, uneven, uneven density, unexamined, unexpected, unexpectedly, unexploded, unexpressed, unfading, unfair, unfaithful, unfaithfulness, unfamiliar, unfasten, unfavourable, unfavourably, unfeeling, unfeminine, unfenced, unfinished, unfit, unfit for use, unfold, unforeseeable, unforeseen, unforgettable, unfortunate, unfortunately, unfounded, unfriendliness, unfriendly, unfulfilled, unfurnished, ungovernable, ungrateful, unground, unhappy, unhealthy, unheated, unhesitatingly, unhurt, uniform, uniformity, uniformly, unify, unilateral, uninflammable, uninhabited, uninhibited, uninjured, unintelligent, uninterested, uninteresting, uninterrupted


vacancy, vacant, vacation, vaccinate, vaccination, vaccine, vacillate, vacillation, vacuum, vacuum blower, vacuum cleaner, vacuum flask, vacuum transport, vagabond, vagina, vagrancy, vagrant, vaguely, vagueness, vain, valet, valiant, valid, validity, valley, valley flashing, valour, valuable, valuation, value, value-added tax, valued, valueless, valuer, valve, vampire, van, vandal, vaneer, vanguard, vanilla, vanish, vanishing, vanity, vapour, vapour-bath, vapourize, variable, variation, varied, variety, various, varnish, vary, varying, vaseline, vast, vast plain, vat, vault, vaulted, vegetable fat, vegetable food, vegetable matter, vegetables, vegetarian, vegetation, vehemence, vehement, vehicle, veil, vein, velocity, velvet, veneer, venerable, vengeance, venison, venom, vent pipe, ventilate, ventilation, ventilator, venture, veranda, verb, verdict, verge, verge on, verger, verify, veritable, vermin, verse, versus, vertebrate, vertibra, vertical, vertical line, vertigo, very, very fine distinction, very likely, very low price, very much, very nearly, very noisy, very old, very own, very slender, very well, vessel, vest, vestibule, vestment, vestry, vet, veteran, veterinary science, veterinary surgeon, vex, vexation, viable, viaduct, vibrate, vibration, vicar, vice, vicinity, vicious, victim, victor, victorious, victory, video, videotape, videotape recorder, view, view-finder, viewpoint, vigorous, vigour, viking, vile, villa, village, villain, villainous, villainous deed, vindictive, vine, vinegar, vineyard, vintage, vinyl, viola, violate, violation, violence, violent, violently, violet, violin, violinist, viper, virgin, virginal, virility, Viro, virtue, virtuous, virtuousness, visa, visibility, visible, visit, visiting, visiting card, visitor, visual arts, vital, vital condition, vital function, vitamin, vitriol, vivacious, vivaciously, vivid, vividly, vixen, vocabulary, vocal, vocal cord, vocation, vocational education, voice, void, void of air, volatile, volatile memory


wad, wade, wader, wafer, waffle, wag, wages, wagtail, wail, wailing, waist, waistcoat, wait, wait lamp, wait station, waiter, waitress, wake, wake up, wake-up, waking, walk, walk lame, walker, wall, wall bearer, wall calendar, wall flashing, wall footing, wall panel, wall paper, wall socket, wall tile, wall tiles, wall-to-wall carpeting, wallet, wallop, wallow, wallpaper, walnut, walrus, waltz, waltz off with, wander, wander about, wandering, waning moon, wank **, wanker **, want, war, war-like, warble, ward, ward off, ward sister, wardrobe, warehouse, warm, warm oneself, warm up, warming cupboard, warmly, warmth, warn, warning, warp, warrant, warrior, wart, wartime, wash, wash-basin, washbasin, washer, washing facilities, washing powder, washout, wasp, waste, waste disposal, waste grating, waste paper, waste timber, waste water, wasteful person, wastefulness, wastepipe, waster, wasting, watch, watch dog, watch-dog, watchful, watchmaker, watchman, water, water extraction, water main, water meter, water pipe, water pipes, water preservation, water proofing, water supply, water vapour, water-blister, water-colour, water-diviner, water-fall, water-jump, water-lily, water-melon, water-nymph, water-repellent, water-soluble, water-tap, watercourse, waterfall, waterfalls, waterfowl, watering, watermark, waterproof, watertight, waterway, watery, watt, wattle, wave, wave one's arms about, wave-like, wave-motion, waver, wavering, waving, wavy, wavy line, wax, waxed thread, waxing, waxwing, way, way of life, way of presenting, way of thinking, way out, wc, weak, weak point, weak-minded, weak-sighted, weaken, weakening, weakness, wealth, wealthy, weapon, wear, wear and tear, wear away, wear down, wear out, wear smooth, weariness, weary, weasel, weather, weather chart, weather conditions, weather forecast, weather report, weather-glass, weathercock, weatherproof, weatherstrip, weaver, web, wedding, wedding ceremony, wedding present, wedge, weed, week, week-day, week-end, weekly, weeping, weft, weigh, weigh anchor, weighing machine, weight, weight-lifting, welcome, weld, welded, welded joint, welder, welding


x-ray, Xmas, xylophone


yacht, yacht club, yachtsman, yankee, yard, yarn, yawl, yawn, year, yearly, yearly review, yearn for, yearning, years old, yeast, yeast fungus, yell, yelling, yellow, yellow fever, yellowhammer, yelp, yelping, yesterday, yet, yew, yield, yielding, yob, yoghurt, yoke, yonks, you bet you, you can say that again, yummy, yuppy


zap, zeal, zebra, zero, zest, zinc, zip, zodiac, zombie, zone, zoo

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