Dictionaries -Словари

20 degrees centigrade


a, a bag of bones, a bargain, a beast of burden, a big bug, a bird of prey, a bit of fun, a black eye, a bone of contention, a bone of contention, a book of reference, a booksellers shop, a bundle of nerves, a call for sb, a call for sb, a change for the better, a change for the better, a change for the worse, a change for the worse, a chocolate, a clear conscience, a clove of garlic, a day out, a few, a few, a few, a fit of nerves, a florists shop, a friend to all is a friend to none, a full house, a gentlemans agreement, a good job, a great many, a gun barrel, a house of correction, a human being, a joiners shop, a letter of introduction, a little, a long face, a long nose, a lot, a lousy trick, a love affair, a man of decision, a man of few words, a man of fortune, a man of leisure, a man of letters, a man of mark, a man of means, a man of science, a man of substance, a matter of argument, a matter of fact, a matter of indifference, a mine of information, a mine of information, a month ago, a pack of lies, a pair of compasses, a part of speech, a perfect ass, a perfect stranger, a perfect strenger, a piece of furniture, a piece of information, a piece of luck, a pleasant journey, a quarter of a century, a quarter past two, a rain storm, a rough sketch, a round sum, a short circuit, a short circuit, a short cut, a short time ago, a slip of the tongue, a sound mind in a sound body, a splitting headache, a sporting man, a state of emergency, a vicious circle, aa, aardvark, aback, aback, abandon, abandon, abandon, abandon, abate, abate, abate, abate, abatement, abatement, abbey, abbreviate, abbreviation, abdicate, abdomen, abdomen, abduct, abduct, abduction, abduction, abductor, aberration, aberration, abhor, abhor, abide, abide, abide, abide, abide, abide, abiding, abiding, ability, ability, ability, abiogenesis, ablation, able, abm, abnormal, abnormal, aboard, aboard, abode, abode, abolish, abolish, abolish, abolition, abolition, abolition, abominable, abominable, abominable, abominable snowman, abominably, abominably, abominably, aborigine, abort, abortion, abortion, abortion, abound, about, about, about, about, about, about, about, above, above, above, above, above, above, above all, above all, above board, above board, abovementioned, abovementioned, abrade, abrade, abrasion, abrasive, abrasive, abreast, abridge, abridge, abroad, abroad, abroad, abroad, abrupt, abrupt, abrupt, abrupt, abscess, abscissa, abscissae, absence, absence, absence, absence of mind, absent, absent, absent, absent, absentee


babble, babe, babe, babe, baby, baby, baby, babyhood, babysitter, babysitter, bachelor, bacilli, bacilli, bacillus, bacillus, back, back, back, back, back, back, back, back, back, back, back, back, back, back, back, backbencher, backbencher, backbone, backbone, backbone, background, background, background, background, background, backhand, backhand, backing, backing, backing, backing, backrest, backspace, backspace, backstage, backstage, backstage, backstage, backstairs, backup, backup, backup, backup, backward, backward, backward, backward, backward, backwards, backwards, bacon, bacon, bacteriology, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bade, bade, bade, bade, bade, bade, bade, badge, badge, badger, badly, badly, badly, badly, badly, badminton, badtempered, badtempered, badtempered, badtempered, badtempered, badtempered, baffle, bag, bag, baggage, bagging, bagging, baghdad, bagpiper, bagpipes, bail, bail, bail, bail, bail, bail, bail, bailiwick, bailiwick, bait, bait, bake, bake, bake, bake, bakelite, baker, bakery, balalaika, balance, balance, balance, balance, balance, balance, balance, balance, balance, balcony, bald, bald, baldly, bale, baling, balkans, ball, ball, ball, ball, ball, ball, ball, ballad, ballast, ballbearing, ballbearing, ballerina, ballet, ballistics, balloon, ballooning, ballooning, ballot, ballot, ballot, ballot, ballot, ballotbox, ballotbox, ballpen, ballpen, balm, balm, balmy, balmy, baloney, baloney, baloney, balsa, baltic, balustrade, bamboo, ban, ban, ban, ban, ban, banal, banana, band, band, band, band, band, band, band, band, band, band, bandage, bandage, bandbox, bandit, bandmaster, bandsman, bandstand


c, c, ca, ca, cab, cab, cab, cabaret, cabbage, cabin, cabin, cabinet, cabinet, cabinet, cabinet, cabinetmaker, cabinetmaker, cable, cable, cable, cable, cable, cablegram, cableman, cache, cachet, cacti, cactus, cactuses, cad, cad, cadmium, cae, caesium, cafe, cafeteria, caffeine, cage, cage, cairo, caisson, caisson, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, calcareous, calcareous, calcination, calcite, calcium, calcspar, calculate, calculate, calculation, calculation, calculator, calculus, calcutta, caledonian, caledonian, calendar, calf, calfsteeth, calfsteeth, caliber, calibrate, calibrate, calibre, calico, calicoes, california, californium, call, call, call, call, call, call, call, call, call, callbox, callbox, caller, caller, calm, calm, calm, calm, calm, calmly, calmly, calmness, calmness, calorie, calorimeter, calory, calves, cam, cam, camac, camber, camber, camber, cambridge, came, came, came, camel, camelia, cameo, camera, camouflage, camouflage, camouflage, camp, camp, campaign, camphor, camping, camping, can, can, can, can, can, can, canada, canadian, canadian, canadian, canal, canalization, canard, canary, canaryseed, canaryseed, cancel, cancel, cancel, cancel, cancellable, cancellation, cancellation, cancellation, cancer, cancer, candela, candid, candid, candidacy, candidate, candidature, candle, candle, candlestick, candlewick, candlewick, candy, candy, cane, cane, canister, canister, cannon, cannon, cannon, cannot, canoe, canoe, canon, canon, canon, canopy, cant, cant, canteen, canteen, canteen, cantilever, cantilever, cantilever, canvas, canvas, canvas, caoutchouc, cap, cap, cap, cap, cap, cap, capability, capable, capable, capacious, capacious


dab, dab, dab, dac, dacron, dad, dad, daddy, daddy, daffodil, dagger, dago, daguerreotype, daily, daily, daily, daily, dainty, dainty, dainty, dainty, dainty, dairy, dairy, dais, daisy, dale, dam, dam, damage, damage, damage, damage, damage, damage, damaging, damn, damn, damn, damnation, damned, damned, damned, damp, damp, damp, dampproof, dampproof, damsel, dance, dance, dancer, dancer, dancing, dancing, dancing, dandruff, dandy, dandy, dane, dane, danger, dangerous, dangle, dangle, danish, danish, danube, dapper, dapper, dare, dare, daring, dark, dark, darken, darken, darkie, darkness, darkroom, darky, darling, darling, darling, darling, darling, darling, darn, dart, dart, dart, dart, dart, dart, dash, dash, dash, dash, dash, dash, dash, dash, dash, dash, dash, dash, dash, dashing, data, database, dataflow, dataset, dataset, date, date, date, date, date, dative, datum, daughter, daughterinlaw, daughterinlaw, daughtersinlaw, dawn, dawn, dawn, dawn, dawn, dawn, dawn, day, day, day, daybreak, daybreak, daylight, daynursery, daynursery, daynursery, daynursery, daynursery, daynursery, daytime, daytime, dazzle, db, dce, dct, dd, dde, dds, deactivate, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, deadline, deadlock, deadlock, deadlock, deadlock, deadly, deadly, deaeration, deaf, deafen, deafmute, deafmute, deafness, deal, deal, deal, deal, deal, deal, deal, deal, deal, deal, dealer, dealer, dealer, dealing, dealing, deallocation, dealt, dealt, dealt, dealt, dealt, dealt, dealt, dealt, dealt, dealt, dean, dear, dear


e, e, ea, each, each, eager, eager, eager, eager, eagle, eagle, ealing, eaprom, ear, ear, earache, earing, earing, early, early, earn, earn, earnest, earnest, earnest, earnest, earnest, earnings, earom, earphone, earring, earring, earth, earth, earth, earth, earth, earthen, earthing, earthly, earthquake, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, easel, easily, easily, east, east, east, easter, easterly, easterly, eastern, eastward, eastward, easy, easy, easy, easy, easy, easy, easy, easychair, easychair, eat, eat, eatable, eatable, eatable, eaten, eaten, eaves, eavesdrop, ebb, ebb, ebb, ebb, ebcdic, ebonite, ebony, ecc, eccentric, eccentric, eccentric, eccentric, echo, echo, echo, echoes, echoes, echoes, ecl, eclair, eclair, eclipse, eclipse, eclipse, ecliptic, econometrics, economic, economic, economical, economical, economical, economical, economics, economist, economize, economizer, economizer, economy, economy, economy, ecosphere, ecp, ecr, ecstasy, eczema, eddy, eden, eden, edge, edge, edge, edge, edge, edge, edge, edible, edible, edifice, edify, edit, edit, edit, editing, editing, edition, editor, editor, editor, editor, editorial, editorial, editorial, editorial, educate, education, education, education, education, eec, eeg, eel, eeprom, eerom, efface, efface, effect, effect, effect, effect, effect, effect, effect, effect, effect, effect, effective, effective, effective, effectiveness, effectivity, efficiency, efficiency, efficiency, efficient, efficient, efficient, efficient, effluent, effluent, effluent, efflux, efflux, efflux, effort, effort, effort, effusive, eg, egg, egoism, egoist, egypt, egyptian, egyptian


f, f, fable, fabric, fabric, fabric, fabulous, fabulous, facade, face, face, face, face, face, face, facilitate, facilitate, facilities, facilities, facilities, facilities, facility, facility, facility, facility, facsimile, fact, fact, factor, factor, factor, factor, factorial, factory, faculty, faculty, faculty, fade, fade, fade, fade, fadeproof, fadeproof, fag, fag, fag, fag, fag, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, fagot, fagot, fagot, fagot, fagot, fagots, fagots, fagots, fagots, fagots, fags, fags, fags, fags, fags, fahr, faience, fail, fail, fail, fail, fail, fail, failsafe, failsafe, failure, failure, failure, failure, failure, failure, failurefree, failurefree, faint, faint, faint, faint, fair, fair, fair, fair, fair, fair, fair, fair, fair, fair, fairing, fairly, fairly, fairness, fairy, fairy, fairy, fairy, fairyland, fairytale, fairytale, faith, faith, faith, faithful, faithful, faithful, faithful, faithfully, faithless, faithless, fake, fake, fake, fake, fakir, falcon, fall, fall, fall, fall, fall, fall, fall, fall, fall, fall, fallen, fallen, fallen, fallow, false, false, false, falsehood, falsehood, falsify, falter, fame, fame, famed, famed, familiar, familiar, familiar, familiar, familiar, family, famine, famish, famish, famous, famous, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fanatic, fanatical, fanciful, fanciful, fancy, fancy, fancy, fancy, fancy, fancy, fancy, fancy, fancy, fancy, fancy, fancy, fancy, fancy, fancyball, fancyball, fandango, fandango, fandango, fang, fang, fantastic, fantastic


g, gable, gadget, gadget, gadget, gaelic, gaelic, gaff, gag, gag, gaga, gaga, gaggle, gaggle, gaily, gain, gain, gain, gain, gain, gain, gain, gait, gaiter, gal, galactic, galaxy, galaxy, gale, gale, gale, galety, gall, gall, gall, gall, gall, gallantry, gallantry, gallery, gallery, galley, gallon, gallop, gallop, gallows, galosh, gamble, gamble, gambler, gambler, gambler, gambling, gambling, gamblingden, gamblingden, gamblinghouse, gamblinghouse, game, game, game, game, game, game, gander, gander, gander, gang, gang, gang, gangrene, gangrene, gangster, gangway, gangway, gangway, gaol, gaol, gaoler, gap, gap, gap, gape, gape, garage, garage, garbage, garbage, garden, garden, gardener, gardening, gardening, gardenparty, gardenparty, gargle, garlic, garment, garment, garnet, garret, garrison, garter, gas, gas, gas, gaseous, gasfittings, gasfittings, gasholder, gasmeter, gasmeter, gasolene, gasoline, gasoven, gasoven, gasp, gasproof, gasring, gasring, gasstove, gasstove, gastight, gastight, gastric, gastric, gasworks, gate, gate, gate, gateway, gateway, gather, gather, gathering, gathering, gauge, gauge, gauge, gauze, gave, gave, gave, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gayness, gaze, gaze, gaze, gaze, gazelle, gazette, gb, gdr, gear, gear, gear, gearbox, gee, gee, gee, gee, geegee, geegee, geese, geeup, geeup, gel, gelatin, gelatine, gelatinous, gem, gemini, gender, genera, genera, genera, general, general, general, generalization, generalize, generalize, generally, generalpurpose, generalpurpose, generate, generate, generate, generation, generation, generation, generator, generator, generator


h, haberdasher, habit, habit, habit, habit, habit, habitat, habitation, habitation, habitual, habitual, habitual, hack, hack, hacker, hackneyed, hackneyed, hackneyed, hacksaw, had, had, had, haddock, haemorrhage, haft, haft, haggard, haggard, hail, hail, hail, hail, hail, hail, hail, hair, hair, hair, haircut, haircut, hairdo, hairdo, hairdresser, hairdresser, hairdresser, hairdresser, hairpin, hairslide, hairslide, hairstyle, half, half, half, half, half, half, halfbrother, halfbrother, halfduplex, halfduplex, halfhack, halfhack, halfhack, halfhack, halfhearted, halfhearted, halfhearted, halfhearted, halfholiday, halfholiday, halfpence, halfpenny, halfround, halfround, halfsister, halfsister, halfturn, halfturn, halfway, halfway, halfwitted, halfwitted, hall, hall, hall, hall, hall, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallo, hallo, hallo, hallucination, halo, halo, halt, halt, halt, halves, halves, halves, halves, halves, halves, ham, ham, hamburger, hamlet, hammer, hammer, hammer, hammer, hammer, hammock, hamper, hamper, hamper, hamper, hampshire, hampstead, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, handbag, handbill, handbill, handbook, handbook, handbook, handcuff, handcuff, handful, handful, handhold, handicap, handicap, handicap, handicap, handicraft, handicraft, handicraftsman, handicraftsman, handiwork, handkerchief, handle, handle, handle, handle, handle, handle, handle, handle, handle, handle, handlebar, handlebar, handler, handling, handling, handling, handling, handrail, handrail, handset, handset, handshake, handshaking, handsome, handsome, handsome, handwritting, handwritting, handy, handy, handy, handy, handy, hang, hang, hangar, hanged, hanged, hanger, hangeron, hangeron, hangglider, hangglider, hanging, hanging, hanging, hanging, hangman, hangover, hangover


i, iac, iac, iae, iae, ianal, ias, ibrd, ic, ic, ice, ice, iceberg, icebox, icebox, icebreaker, icebreaker, icecream, icecream, iceland, icelander, icepack, icepack, icerink, icerink, icicle, icing, icon, icy, id, idct, idea, idea, ideal, ideal, idealize, identic, identical, identification, identification, identifier, identify, identify, identity, identity, ideology, idiocy, idiom, idiomatic, idiomatical, idiosyncrasy, idiot, idiotic, idle, idle, idle, idle, idle, idle, idleness, idleness, idleness, idler, idler, idol, idol, idolatry, idolize, idolize, idtt, idyllic, idyllic, ie, if, if, if, if, if, ig, ignite, ignition, ignominy, ignominy, ignorance, ignorance, ignorant, ignorant, ignorant, ignorant, ignore, iirc, iirr, ikon, ill, ill, ill, ill, ill, ill, illbred, illbred, illegal, illegible, illegitimate, illegitimate, illfeeling, illfeeling, illfeeling, illfeeling, illicit, illicit, illiteracy, illiterate, illiterate, illluck, illluck, illluck, illluck, illmannered, illmannered, illness, illogical, illtempered, illtempered, illtempered, illtempered, illtimed, illtimed, illtreat, illtreat, illuminate, illumination, illumination, illusion, illusion, illusionist, illusive, illusory, illustrate, illustration, illustrious, illustrious, ily, image, image, image, image, image, imaginary, imaginary, imaginary, imagination, imagine, imao, imbibe, imbibe, imbue, imbue, imf, imho, imitate, imitation, imitation, immaculate, immaterial, immaterial, immature, immeasurable, immeasurable, immediate, immediate, immediate, immediately, immemorial, immense, immense, immerse, immersion, immigrant, immigrant, immigrant, immigration, imminent, immobile, immodest, immoral, immorality, immortal, immortality, immortalize, immortalize, immovable, immovable, immune, immune, imnsho, imo, imp, imp, impact


j, jack, jack, jack, jack, jackal, jackass, jackass, jackass, jacket, jacket, jackknife, jackknife, jackknife, jackknife, jacobian, jag, jaguar, jail, jail, jailer, jalopy, jalousie, jam, jam, jam, jam, jam, jam, jam, jam, jamaica, jammer, jamming, jampacked, jampacked, jan, janitor, janitor, january, japan, japan, japanese, japanese, japanese, japanese, jar, jar, jar, jargon, jasmine, jaundice, jaundice, javelin, jaw, jaw, jaywalk, jazz, jealous, jealousy, jean, jean, jeans, jeans, jeer, jeer, jeer, jeer, jelly, jelly, jellyfish, jellyfish, jeopardize, jeopardy, jerk, jerk, jerk, jerk, jerk, jerk, jerk, jersey, jersey, jerusalem, jest, jest, jest, jester, jester, jet, jet, jet, jet, jet, jet, jet, jetblack, jetblack, jetplane, jetplane, jetty, jetty, jew, jewel, jewel, jewel, jewel, jeweller, jewellery, jewess, jewish, jic, jigsaw, jigsaw, jilt, jilt, jingle, jingle, jingle, jingle, jingoism, job, job, job, job, job, job, jobber, jobwork, jobwork, jobworker, jobworker, jockey, jockey, jog, jogging, join, join, join, join, joiner, joinery, joinery, joinery, joint, joint, joint, joint, joint, joint, joint, joint, joint, joint, jointed, joist, joist, joke, joke, joke, joker, joker, jolly, jolly, jolly, jolt, jolt, jolt, jostle, jostle, joule, journal, journal, journal, journal, journal, journalism, journalist, journalist, journey, journey, jovial, joy, joyful, joyful, joystick, joystick, jr, jr, jubilee, judge, judge, judge, judge, judge, judge, judge, judgement, judgement, judgement


kaleidoscope, kalium, kangaroo, kaolin, kaolin, kaput, kb, keel, keel, keen, keen, keen, keen, keen, keep, keep, keep, keep, keep, keep, keeper, keeper, keeper, keeper, keeper, keeper, keepsake, keepsake, keg, keg, kelvin, kelvin, kensington, kept, kept, kept, kept, kept, kept, kerb, kerchief, kermess, kermis, kernel, kernel, kerosene, kerosine, kettle, kettle, kettle, kettle, key, key, key, key, key, key, keyboard, keyhole, keying, keypad, keystroke, keyword, keyword, khaki, khaki, kick, kick, kickdown, kickdown, kickstarter, kickstarter, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kidnap, kidnap, kill, killer, kilocalorie, kilogram, kilogramme, kilometre, kilowatt, kilowatthour, kilowatthour, kilt, kin, kin, kin, kin, kin, kind, kind, kind, kind, kind, kindergarten, kindhearted, kindhearted, kindhearted, kindhearted, kindle, kindle, kindliness, kindliness, kindly, kindly, kindly, kindly, kindness, kindness, kindred, kindred, kindred, kinematic, kinematics, kinescope, kinetics, king, kingdom, kingfisher, kink, kink, kinky, kinky, kinky, kinsfolk, kinship, kinship, kinsman, kinswoman, kiosk, kipper, kiss, kiss, kit, kit, kit, kitchen, kite, kitten, kitten, kittenish, kittenish, kiwi, kiwi, klaxon, kleptomania, kleptomaniac, klystron, kmyf, kn, knack, knack, knapsack, knapsack, knave, knave, knead, knead, knead, kneadingtrough, kneadingtrough, kneadingtrough, kneadingtrough, knee, kneecap, kneel, knew, knew, knew, knew, knew, knickerbockers, knickers, knickers, knickknack, knickknack, knickknack, knickknack, knife, knifeedge, knifeedge, knight, knight, knight, knit, knit, knitting, knitting, knitting, knives, knob, knob, knob, knob, knob


lab, label, label, label, labor, labor, labor, labor, labor, labor, labor, laboratory, laborious, laborious, labors, labors, labors, labors, labors, labors, labors, labour, labour, labour, labour, labour, labour, labour, labourer, labourer, labourer, labourexchange, labourexchange, labyrinth, lace, lace, lace, lack, lack, lack, lack, lacker, lacquer, lacquer, lad, ladder, ladder, ladder, laddermending, laddermending, laden, laden, ladies, ladies, ladies, ladle, ladle, ladle, ladle, ladle, ladle, lady, lady, lady, ladylike, ladylike, lag, lag, lag, lag, lag, lager, lagoon, laid, laid, laid, laid, laid, laid, laid, lain, lain, lain, lain, lain, lake, lamb, lame, lame, lame, lament, lament, lament, lamentable, lamentable, lamented, laminar, laminate, lamp, lamppost, lamppost, lampshade, lan, land, land, land, land, land, land, land, landed, lander, landing, landing, landing, landing, landing, landlady, landlord, landmark, landmark, landmark, landmark, landowner, landscape, landscape, landslide, lane, lane, lane, lane, language, language, language, languid, languid, languid, languid, languish, languish, languish, lanky, lanky, lanoline, lantern, lap, lap, lap, lapdog, lapdog, lapel, lapse, lapse, lapse, lapse, lapse, lapse, lapse, larch, lard, lard, lard, larder, large, large, largely, largely, lark, laryngitis, laryngophone, laser, lash, lash, lash, lash, lass, lassie, last, last, last, last, last, lasting, latch, latch, latch, latch, late, late, late, late, late, lately, latent, latent, later, later, lateral, lateral, latest


macaroni, maceration, machine, machinegun, machinegun, machinemade, machinemade, machinery, machinery, machinist, mackintosh, macroassembler, macrodefinition, macrogenerator, macroscopic, macrostructure, mad, mad, madam, madam, madame, madden, madden, made, made, made, made, made, made, made, made, made, made, made, made, madness, madness, madrid, madrigal, magazine, magazine, magazine, magazine, magazine, magi, magi, magic, magic, magic, magician, magician, magma, magma, magnanimous, magnate, magnesia, magnesium, magnet, magnetic, magnetism, magnetize, magneto, magneto, magnetophone, magnetostatics, magnification, magnificent, magnify, magnitude, magnitude, magnitude, magnitude, magpie, maharaja, maharajah, mahogany, maid, maid, maid, maid, maiden, maiden, maiden, maiden, maidservant, maidservant, maidservant, maidservant, mail, mail, mail, mailbox, maim, main, main, main, mainframe, mainland, mainland, mainly, mainstay, mainstay, maintain, maintain, maintain, maintain, maintain, maintenance, maintenance, maintenance, maintenance, maize, majestic, majestic, majesty, major, major, major, major, major, major, major, majority, majority, make, make, make, make, make, make, make, make, make, make, make, make, makebelieve, makebelieve, makebelieve, makebelieve, makebelieve, makebelieve, makebelieve, makebelieve, maker, maker, makeshift, makeshift, makeshift, makeshift, makeup, makeup, makeup, makeup, making, making, making, making, malaria, malaya, male, male, male, male, malfunction, malfunction, malice, malicious, malinger, malingerer, mallow, malnutrition, malt, malta, maltese, maltese, maltese, maltese, maltreat, mama, mama, mama, mama, mamma, mamma, mamma, mamma, mammal, mammoth, mammoth, mammy, man, man, man, man, manacle, manacle, manage, manage, manage


n, n, nadir, nadir, nag, nag, nag, nail, nail, nail, nail, naive, naive, naked, naked, name, name, name, nameday, nameday, nameless, nameless, nameless, nameless, namely, namesake, nand, nanny, nanny, nap, nap, napalm, nape, napkin, naples, nappy, narcissus, narcotic, narcotic, narrate, narration, narrative, narrative, narrow, narrow, narrow, narrowing, narrowminded, narrowminded, nasal, nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty, natal, nation, national, national, national, nationalism, nationality, nationality, nationalization, nationalization, nationalize, nationalize, nationalize, nationalize, nationwide, nationwide, nationwide, nationwide, native, native, native, native, native, native, natrium, natural, natural, natural, naturalize, naturally, naturally, nature, nature, nature, nature, naturism, naturist, naturist, naught, naught, naughty, naughty, nausea, nausea, nauseate, nauseate, nauseate, nautical, naval, naval, nave, nave, navigable, navigate, navigate, navigation, navigation, navvy, navy, navy, nazi, nazi, nc, ne, near, near, near, near, near, near, nearly, nearly, nearsighted, nearsighted, neat, neat, neat, nebula, necessaries, necessaries, necessaries, necessaries, necessarily, necessary, necessary, necessary, necessary, necessitate, necessitate, necessity, necessity, necessity, neck, neck, neck, necking, necking, necklace, necktie, necktie, necrology, nee, need, need, need, need, need, needed, needful, needful, needle, needle, needle, needlecase, needlecase, needless, needless, needlework, needlework, needy, needy, neer, negation, negation, negation, negative, negative, negative, negative, negative, negative, negator, neglect, neglect, neglect, neglect, neglectful, neglectful, neglige, neglige, negligence, negligence, negligent, negligent, negligible, negligible


oak, oakum, oar, oar, oarsman, oases, oasis, oath, oatmeal, oats, oau, obedience, obedient, obelisk, obese, obese, obesity, obesity, obey, obey, obituary, obituary, object, object, object, object, object, object, object, objection, objection, objection, objectionable, objectionable, objective, objective, objective, objectoriented, objectoriented, obligation, obligation, obligatory, obligatory, oblige, oblige, oblige, obliging, obliging, oblique, oblique, obliterate, obliterate, obliterate, oblivion, oblivion, oblivious, oblivious, oblong, oblong, obscene, obscene, obscenity, obscenity, obscure, obscure, obscure, obscure, observable, observable, observation, observation, observation, observatory, observe, observe, observe, observe, observer, obsess, obsess, obsessed, obsession, obsolescent, obsolete, obsolete, obstacle, obstinate, obstinate, obstipation, obstipation, obstruct, obstruct, obtain, obtain, obtain, obtain, obtainable, obtrusive, obturate, obtuse, obvious, obviously, occasion, occasion, occasion, occasion, occasional, occasional, occasional, occasional, occasional, occasionally, occasionally, occult, occult, occultism, occupant, occupant, occupant, occupant, occupation, occupation, occupation, occupation, occupy, occupy, occupy, occur, occur, occurrence, occurrence, occurrence, ocean, ochre, ocr, oct, octagon, octahedron, octal, octal, october, octogenarian, octopus, ocular, ocular, oculist, od, od, od, odd, odd, odd, odd, odd, odd, odd, odd, odd, odd, oddity, oddity, oddly, oddly, oddments, oddments, ode, oder, odious, odious, odious, odor, odor, odors, odors, odour, odour, odourfree, odourfree, oe, oesophagus, of, of, of, of, of, of, off, off, off, off, off, off, off, off, off, off, off, off, off, offal


pa, pace, pace, pace, pace, pace, pacific, pacific, pacifist, pacify, pacify, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, package, package, package, packer, packer, packet, packet, packet, packfong, packing, packing, packing, packing, packing, pact, pad, pad, pad, pad, pad, paddle, paddle, paddle, paddock, padlock, pagan, pagan, page, page, page, pageant, pageant, pageantry, pageantry, paged, paging, pagoda, paid, paid, paid, paid, paid, pail, pail, pain, pain, pain, painful, painful, painkiller, painkiller, painless, painstaking, painstaking, paint, paint, paint, paintbrush, painter, painting, painting, painting, pair, pair, pair, pair, pairing, pakistan, pal, pal, palace, palatable, palate, palate, pale, pale, pale, pale, pale, palestine, palisade, pall, pall, palladium, pallbearer, pallet, pallet, pallet, palliative, palliative, palliative, palliative, pallor, palm, palm, palmhouse, palmhouse, palmist, palmist, palmistry, palpable, palpable, palpitate, palsy, paltry, paltry, pamphlet, pamphlet, pan, pan, pan, pan, pan, panacea, panama, pancake, panchromatic, panda, pander, pander, pane, pane, pane, panel, panel, panel, panel, panel, panelling, panelling, pang, panic, panic, panic, panic, panicmonger, panicmonger, panorama, pansy, pant, pant, pantaloon, pantechnicon, pantheism, panther, panther, panties, panties, pantograph, pantomime, pantry, pants, pants, papa, papa, papacy, papal, paper, paper, paper, paper, paper, paper, paperback, paperboard, papermaking, papermill, papermill, paperweight, paperweight, paprika, parabola, paraboloid, parachute, parachutist, parade, parade, parade, parade, parade


qd, qu, quack, quack, quack, quack, quad, quadrangle, quadrangle, quadrangular, quadrant, quadrant, quadrilateral, quadrilateral, quadruple, quadruple, quadruple, quadruplets, quaff, quag, quag, quagmire, quagmire, quail, quail, quaint, quaint, quake, quake, qualification, qualification, qualification, qualification, qualification, qualification, qualified, qualifier, qualify, qualify, qualify, qualify, qualify, quality, quality, quality, quality, quality, qualm, qualm, quantity, quantity, quantity, quantization, quantization, quantized, quantum, quantum, quantum, quantum, quarantine, quark, quarrel, quarrel, quarrel, quarrelsome, quarry, quarry, quarry, quarry, quart, quarter, quarter, quarter, quarter, quarter, quarter, quarter, quarter, quarter, quarter, quarterly, quarterly, quarterly, quartet, quartz, quartzite, quasar, quasi, quasi, quasi, quasi, quasi, quaternary, quaternary, quaver, quaver, quaver, queen, queen, queer, queer, queer, quench, quench, quench, quench, quench, quenching, quenching, quenching, querulous, querulous, query, query, query, query, quest, question, question, question, question, question, question, question, question, questionable, questionable, questionable, questionary, questioning, questionmark, questionmark, questionnaire, queue, queue, queuing, quick, quick, quick, quick, quickacting, quickacting, quickdrying, quickdrying, quicken, quicklime, quickrunning, quickrunning, quicksand, quicksilver, quickwitted, quickwitted, quid, quiescent, quiescent, quiescent, quiescent, quiet, quiet, quiet, quiet, quiet, quiet, quiet, quietly, quietly, quill, quilt, quilt, quince, quinine, quintal, quintic, quintuplets, quit, quit, quit, quit, quit, quite, quite, quite, quite, quiver, quiver, quiver, quiz, quiz, quiz, quiz, quiz, quiz, quizzical, quoin, quoin, quota, quota, quota, quotation, quotation


rabbit, rabble, rabies, raccoon, raccoon, race, race, race, race, race, race, race, racecourse, racecourse, racehorse, racehorse, rachitis, racial, racing, racing, rack, rack, rack, rack, rack, racket, racket, racket, racket, racket, racketeer, racketeer, racoon, racoon, radar, radial, radian, radiant, radiant, radiant, radiate, radiation, radiator, radiator, radiator, radiator, radical, radical, radical, radii, radio, radio, radioactive, radiocontrolled, radiocontrolled, radiogram, radiogram, radiolocation, radiotelephony, radiotelephony, radiotherapy, radish, radium, radius, radix, radix, radix, raft, rafter, rag, rag, rag, rag, rag, rage, rage, rage, rage, ragged, ragged, ragged, raglan, ragout, ragout, raid, raid, raid, raid, raid, raid, rail, rail, rail, railcar, railcar, railing, railing, railing, railroad, railroad, railvehicle, railvehicle, railway, railway, railwayman, rain, rainbow, raincoat, rainfall, rainproof, rainwater, rainwater, rainy, rainy, raise, raise, raise, raise, raise, raise, raise, raise, raisin, raja, raja, rajah, rajah, rake, rake, rake, rake, rake, rake, rally, rally, rally, rally, rally, rally, rally, rally, rally, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ram, ramble, ramble, ramble, ramble, ramble, rammer, ramp, ramshackle, ramshackle, ran, ran, ran, ran, ran, ran, ran, ran, ran, ran, ran, ran, ran, ranch, ranch, rancid, rancor, rancor, rancors, rancors, rancour, rancour, random, random, random, ranee, ranee, rang, rang, rang, rang, rang, rang, rang, rang, rang, rang, rang, range, range, range, range, range


s, s, s, s, sa, saber, sable, sable, sabotage, sabotage, sabotage, saboteur, sabre, saccharin, saccharose, sack, sack, sack, sack, sackcloth, sacking, sacred, sacred, sacred, sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrophagus, sad, sad, sad, sadden, saddle, saddle, saddle, saddle, sadism, sadist, sadist, sadistic, sadistically, sae, safe, safe, safe, safe, safeguard, safeguard, safeguard, safeguard, safelight, safelight, safely, safely, safely, safety, safetypin, safetypin, sag, sag, sag, sag, sag, sag, sage, sage, sagely, sagittarius, sahara, said, said, said, saigon, sail, sail, sail, sailboat, sailcloth, sailing, sailor, sailor, sailplane, saint, salad, salad, salamander, salammoniac, salammoniac, salary, salary, salary, sale, sale, salesman, salesman, salesman, saleswoman, saleswoman, salinity, saliva, salmon, saloon, saloon, saloon, salt, salt, salt, saltcellar, saltcellar, salted, salted, saltfree, saltfree, saltpetre, salute, salute, salute, salute, salute, salute, salute, salvation, salvation, salve, salve, salve, salve, same, same, same, same, sample, sample, sample, sampler, sampler, sampling, sanatoria, sanatorium, sanction, sanction, sanctuary, sand, sand, sandal, sandbag, sandstone, sandwich, sandy, sane, sane, sang, sang, sanitarium, sanitary, sanitary, sanitation, sanitorium, sank, sank, sank, sank, sank, sank, sank, sank, sank, sank, sap, sap, sap, sapper, sapphire, sarcastic, sarcastically, sardine, sardinia, sash, sash, sashwindow, sat, satchel, satchel, satellite, satiate, satiate, satin, satin, satire, satire, satirical, satisfaction, satisfaction, satisfactory, satisfactory, satisfy, satisfy, satisfy, saturate, saturation


t, tab, table, table, table, table, tablecloth, tablecloth, tableland, tablelinen, tablelinen, tablespoon, tablespoon, tablet, tablet, tabletennis, tabletennis, taboo, taboo, tabular, tabulation, tachometer, taciturn, tack, tackle, tackle, tackle, tackle, tackle, tact, tactful, tactical, tactless, tad, tad, tadpole, taffy, tafn, tafn, tag, tagged, tagged, tail, tail, tail, tail, tailgate, tailor, tailor, taint, taint, taint, taint, take, take, take, taken, taken, takeoff, talc, tale, tale, talent, talented, talented, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talkative, talkative, tall, tambourine, tame, tame, tame, tame, tame, tameless, tameless, tamp, tamp, tamper, tamper, tamper, tamper, tamper, tamper, tamping, tan, tan, tan, tan, tandem, tangent, tangent, tangent, tangential, tangle, tangle, tangle, tangle, tango, tango, tanj, tank, tank, tank, tank, tanker, tanning, tantalum, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tape, tape, tape, tape, tapemeasure, tapemeasure, tapemeasure, tapemeasure, taper, taper, taperecorder, taperecorder, taperecording, taperecording, tapering, tapering, tar, tar, tare, target, target, tariff, tariff, tariff, tarnish, tarnish, tarnish, tarnish, tarpaulin, tarpaulin, tart, tart, tartan, task, task, taskwork, taskwork, taste, taste, taste, taste, taste, taste, taste, taste, tasteful, tasteful, tasteless, tasteless, tasteless, tasty, tasty, tatras, tattletale, tattoo, tattoo, taught, taught, taught, taurus, taut, taut, tauten, tauten, tauten, tautly, tautness, tavern, tawny, tawny, tax, tax, tax, tax, taxation, taxation, taxcollector, taxcollector, taxfree, taxfree, taxi, taximeter


uae, udder, ufo, uganda, ugh, ugly, uhf, uk, ul, ulcer, ultimate, ultimate, ultimatum, ultramarine, ultrasonic, ultrasound, ultraviolet, umbrella, umbrella, umpire, umpire, umpire, un, un, unable, unable, unaccompanied, unaccompanied, unaccountable, unaccountable, unanimous, unassuming, unassuming, unaware, unaware, unbalance, unbearable, unbiassed, unbolt, unburden, unbutton, uncanny, uncanny, uncertain, uncertain, uncertain, unchanged, uncle, uncle, uncoil, uncoil, uncomfortable, uncommon, uncommonly, unconcern, unconcern, unconditional, unconscious, unconscious, uncork, uncouth, uncouth, uncover, uncover, undelete, undelete, undeniable, under, under, under, under, under, underbid, undercarriage, underclothes, underdone, underdone, underestimate, underestimate, underflow, undergo, undergo, undergo, undergo, undergone, undergone, undergone, undergone, undergraduate, underground, underground, underground, underground, underline, underline, undermine, underneath, underneath, underscore, underscore, undersecretary, undersecretary, undersigned, undersize, undersize, undersling, understand, understand, understand, understanding, understanding, understanding, understanding, understood, understood, understood, understudy, undertake, undertake, undertake, undertake, undertaken, undertaken, undertaken, undertaken, undertaker, undertaking, undertaking, undertook, undertook, undertook, undertook, undervalue, underwear, underwent, underwent, underwent, underwent, undid, undid, undid, undid, undid, undid, undies, undo, undo, undo, undo, undo, undo, undone, undone, undone, undone, undone, undone, undress, undue, undue, undue, undulation, undulation, unearthly, unearthly, uneasy, uneasy, uneasy, unemloyed, unemployment, unequal, unequalled, uneven, unevenness, unexpected, unexpectedly, unfailing, unfair, unfair, unfamiliar, unfamiliar, unfashionable, unfasten, unfasten, unfasten, unfavourable, unfavourable, unfit, unfold, unfold, unforeseen, unfortunate, unfortunate, unfortunately, ungrateful, unhappy, unhappy, unhealthy, unhealthy, unhook


vacancy, vacancy, vacancy, vacancy, vacancy, vacant, vacant, vacant, vacant, vacation, vacation, vaccinate, vaccination, vaccine, vacuous, vacuum, vacuum, vagabond, vague, vague, vain, vain, valet, valet, valid, valid, valid, validation, validity, validity, valise, valley, valuable, valuable, value, value, value, value, value, valve, valve, valve, van, van, vanadium, vane, vane, vane, vane, vanilla, vanish, vanish, vanish, vanity, vapor, vaporization, vaporization, vaporize, vaporize, vapors, vapour, variable, variable, variance, variance, variance, variance, variant, variant, variation, variation, variation, varied, variety, variety, variety, variety, various, various, varnish, varnish, varnish, varnish, vary, vary, vase, vaseline, vast, vast, vat, vat, vault, vault, vault, vdu, veal, vector, vector, vectorial, vegetable, vegetable, vegetation, vegetation, vehement, vehicle, vehicle, vehicle, vein, vein, velocity, velocity, velvet, veneer, veneer, veneer, venerable, vengeance, venison, venom, venom, venom, venomous, vent, vent, vent, ventilation, venture, venture, venture, venture, venture, venus, ver, veranda, verandah, verb, verbal, verbal, verbatim, verbatim, verdict, verdict, verdict, verdigris, verdure, verge, verge, verge, verge, verge, verge, verifiable, verification, verify, verify, verify, veritable, verity, verity, vermin, versatile, versatile, versatile, versatile, versatility, versatility, verse, verse, version, version, versus, versus, versus, vertex, vertical, vertical, vertical, very, very, very, very, very, vessel, vessel, vessel, vessel, vest, vet, veterinary, vex, vex, vhf, via, viable, viaduct, vial, vial, vibrate, vibrate, vibration


w, w, wackier, wackier, wackier, wackiest, wackiest, wackiest, wacky, wacky, wacky, wadding, wafer, wafer, wag, wag, wage, wage, waggon, waggon, waggon, wagon, wagon, wagon, wainscot, waist, waist, waist, waistcoat, wait, wait, waiter, waitingroom, waitingroom, waitress, wake, waked, wakeful, waken, wales, walk, walk, walk, walkietalkie, walkietalkie, walkietalkie, walkietalkie, walkover, walkover, wall, wall, wall, wallet, wallet, wallpaper, walnut, walrus, waltz, waltz, wan, wander, wanderer, wanna, want, want, want, want, war, warden, warden, warden, warder, wardress, wardrobe, wardrobe, warehouse, warehouse, warehouse, warehouse, warhead, warm, warm, warm, warm, warmth, warmup, warmup, warn, warn, warning, warp, warp, warp, warrant, warrant, warrant, warranty, warrior, warrior, warsaw, warship, was, wash, wash, wash, wash, wash, washbasin, washbasin, washbasin, washbasin, washer, washer, washer, washing, washing, washing, washington, washout, washroom, washroom, washstand, washstand, wasp, wastage, wastage, waste, waste, waste, waste, waste, waste, waste, waste, waste, wasteful, watch, watch, watch, watch, watch, watch, watch, watch, watchdog, watchdog, watchdog, watchmaker, watchman, water, water, water, water, water, watercloset, watercloset, watercolor, watercolors, watercolour, watercolour, waterfall, waterline, waterline, watermark, watermelon, waterproof, waterproof, waterrepellent, waterrepellent, watersoluble, watersoluble, watertight, waterway, waterwheel, waterworks, watery, watt, watthour, watthour, wave, wave, wave, wave, wave, wave, waveform, waveguide, wavelength, waviness, wavy, wax, wax, way, way, way, way, way, wc, wc, we


xaxis, xaxis, xebec, xenon, xenophobia, xerographic, xerography, xerox, xmas, xray, xray, xray, xray, xray, xray, xraying, xraying, xrays, xrays, xrays, xylene, xylograph, xylography, xylonite, xylophone


ya, yacht, yacht, yachting, yachting, yafianygi, yakyak, yakyak, yankee, yard, yard, yard, yard, yard, yardstick, yardstick, yarn, yarrow, yaw, yawn, yawn, yaxis, yaxis, year, yearbook, yearbook, yearly, yearly, yearly, yearly, yearn, yeast, yell, yell, yell, yell, yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, yellowbellied, yellowbellied, yes, yesman, yesman, yesman, yesman, yesterday, yesterday, yet, yet, yet, yet, yew, yhbt, yield, yield, yield, yield, yield, yield, yield, yield, yield, yield, yield, yield, yield, yield, ymca, yob, yoga, yoghourt, yogurt, yoke, yoke, yokebone, yokebone, yolk, yon, yonder, you, you, you, you, youd, young, youngster, youngster, your, your, your, yours, yours, yours, yourself, yourself, yourself, yourself, yourself, yourselves, yourselves, yourselves, yourselves, yourselves, youth, youth, youth, youthful, yoyo, yoyo, yperite, yperite, ypsilliform, yr, yttrium, yucky, yucky, yugoslav, yugoslavia, yugoslavian, yummy, yumyum, yumyum, ywca


zaire, zap, zap, zap, zap, zap, zappy, zeal, zeal, zealot, zealous, zebra, zed, zee, zenith, zeolite, zephyr, zero, zero, zest, zest, zest, zest, zigzag, zigzag, zinc, zing, zing, zionism, zionist, zipfastener, zipfastener, zipfastener, zipfastener, zipper, zipper, zircon, zone, zone, zone, zoo, zoo, zoological, zoologist, zoology, zymosis

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